Welcome to The Mystery Masters

Have you recently received an envelope, with "The Mystery Masters" logo on it, through the door?

Receive a letter from The Mystery Masters..?

That means one of your friends or family have written you a secret message, and the only way for you to access this message is to solve the puzzles and then enter the passcode on this website.

How does it work?

The Mystery Masters have created plenty of games for all age groups, and all occasions.

Pick the themed puzzle pack based on the occasion and the recipient's age and ability - we’ll do the rest...

You can enter a custom secret message which will be displayed once they have completed all of their puzzles and worked out the passcode which they enter on this website.

Easy as 1 2 3

Pick your themed puzzle pack, customise your "Well done" message, purchase securely using PayPal. Simples!

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Not sure what to say?

Once your friend or family member has completed their puzzle pack from The Mystery Masters they can enter their passcode and will receive your secret message to them. Not sure what to say? Here are some example "Well done" messages that have already been sent out (sign-offs have been removed), and some which we added ourselves to give you inspiration. Use your imagination, and have fun!